Finance Bill, 2022 the proposed TZS 20 per litre advance tax on the sale of petroleum products and its potential impact to the fuel retailers

Hon. Mwigulu Lameck Mchemba the for Finance announced the national budget for the fiscal year 2022 / 2023 on 14 June 2022, the budget speech was received with a well coming note by the public, specifically on the proposed measures to control government expenditure.  The speech addressed positive fiscal measures in the Agriculture sector which contributes the lion share of

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Taxation System in Tanzania

The tax regime in Tanzania consists of a number of direct and indirect taxes including income tax, Value Added Tax, import duty, excise duty, and stamp duty. There are also taxes levied at the local government level. All central government taxes are administered by the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA). The authority has three tax departments (Domestic Revenue, Customs and Excise,

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